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Free phone consultation

We will first have an initial free phone confidential consultation to discuss your needs and whether this service is the most appropriate one for you. If we agree it can be of help with your current difficulties, we will then schedule an initial face to face assessment session.

Initial Assessment

Any treatment typically starts with an initial assessment. As CBT focuses on the here and now, and what might be maintaining your current difficulties, the assessment would mainly centre around specific problematic emotions, behaviours and thoughts, with the aim to develop a shared understanding of your difficulties and agree goals for treatment. I will usually ask you to complete a couple of brief questionnaires prior to your appointment. In some occasions more than one session might be necessary to complete a full assessment, this depends on many factors including the type of problem(s), how long you have been having difficulties, etc. If after the initial assessment session I think I can not offer the best service for you I will tell you this and will help you consider other treatment options.

Therapy Sessions

CBT is an active, goal focused, structured and time limited therapy (often between 6 to 20, 50 minute weekly or fortnightly sessions). Following the initial assessment and treatment goals, we would agree an initial number of sessions, usually between six and eight, but could be anything between six and twenty session. This is based on recommended guidelines by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the body responsible for reviewing treatment effectiveness. We will regularly review your progress towards your goals and the effectiveness of the intervention. I would usually encourage you to try out exercises or complete tasks between sessions as evidence shows that engagement in these activities is associated with better and faster results.